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It’s a web-based bulk SMS marketing software and it does not required any kind of system configuration. It does not required any license. It works on per credit basis. The messages are being sent to every individual. This software has one of the most advanced and SMS look alike features that you can expect out of an automation tool for sending bulk SMS messages.

SMS Web-Panel - You can send message to users individually only and very fast. This software has unlimited validity.

Software Features

    1. Send Individual Messages
    2. Create Contact List
    3. Add Unlimited Contacts
    4. Filter SMS Numbers - Free
    5. See Filtered Numbers
    6. Delete Uploaded contacts
    7. Send 1000 - 25000 messages hourly
    8. See live delivery of messsages

    9. Send messages in text, image, audio & video
    10. Send message only SMS filtered numbers
    11. Download delivery report
    12. Downlaod campaign eeport
    13. Downlod date-wise delivery report
    14. SMS delivery within 15-20 Minutes
    15. Send message Globally
    16. Can be accessed from any browser & mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Query: What we need to run this application?
    Answer - You need not to worrry about any kind system configuration. It is web based online application which can be accessed from anywhere. Only you need to have a good internet speed.

    Query: How many messages i can send per hour?
    Answer - Message sending speed depends upon your package purchased. However for the smaller package you can send Upto 2000 messages per hour. If you have required to send the message 10K, 20K or 50K then you need to buy higher package. Because we are managing the channles as per the package availed by the user.

    Query: What is a channel?
    Answer - A mobile number which has been registered on SMS and created all storage folders in the android platform is called Channel. It is being used as a medium to login into SMS marketing software for sending the message. Each promotional message are being sent via Individual channels.

    Query: How my purchased credit shall deduct?
    Answer - In this application we have first step for contact list filteration. After filteration the list shows the valid and invlid numbers. Valid means the numbers are registered on SMS and when we select the list the only valid numbers/counts shall reflect in bulk message sending tab and message credit shall be deducted only on the valid numbers while sending.

    Query: Can I use the same user login on multiple borwser/system?
    Answer - Yes, you can access the single user login on multiple system, but if you have made any changes during multiple login then server will take the changes which ever connects first then others later on. But message sending speed will be remain same as per the package purchased

    Query: Is there any other hidden charges apart from package
    Answer - Tejarat Marketing is very clear in terms of charges, there is no any hidden charges in any of our package or other all services. Application Rental is free, Maintainance is free. Only per message credit is being charged.

    Query: Can I download the filtered numbers.
    Answer - No, user can't download the SMS filtered numbers, because Tejarat Marketing is not charging for it. If it is required then can be asked with your relationship manager with certain charges and charges depend upon size of list for verification.

    Query: Is there any time slot for SMS filteration.
    Answer - Yes, list filteration shall happen only between 10 AM to 6:30 PM (IST). So if you are planning to run any campaign, its better you filter your number one day in advance. So that next day when you run campaign you have filtered numbers in your contact list.

    Query: Is there any time slot for SMS sending.
    Answer - Yes, Message shall be sent between 10 AM to 6:30 PM (IST). So plan your camppaign accordingly. But Yes, 24x7 delivery works for higher package users, because that are being sent through different hight speed server

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Bulk SMS Marketing (Web-Based Application)

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