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Are you on the way to find a quality Email list? We at Tejarat Marketing provide a 100% legit and verified email list. From thousands of selections and a wide range for your targeted audience, buy email lists at our website and be a part of a credible society where spam is banned and legit is accepted. Our Database is used by more than 200 active clients in 70 plus countries. We provide verified Email lists, phone numbers, addresses, and much more at a very low cost. Prices of Business Email List are affordable and our services are good. Top B2B Email list available which are highly targeted and spread across more than 70 countries around the world. We provide best quality Business Email list. Sign up now and increase your chances of growing your business.

An email list is a collection of various email addresses which you have collected through your website or newsletter or through your subscriptions. It can be collected from anything or it can even be purchased. It can in short form be called the number of people who are subscribed to your website and are receiving your newsletter. Email List are required by almost all the companies to grow their business and generate more enquiries.

Tejarat Marketing helps to promote your business. Over the years we have helped several companies to become the leaders. We create unique mediums to empower corporate and budding entrepreneurs. We take every client's requirement seriously and use proven integrated brand promotion activities to expose your brand in the competitive marketplace.We provide the following categories of email lists:


TEJARAT Marketing is a global marketing solution provider. Interactive design and cutting-edge technology. Founded in 2012, we began our operations a few years ago and have grown due to excellent relationships with our clients.

  • You Talk, We Listen
  • We Value Integrity
  • We Quantify Your Success
  • Spectrum of Services Under One Roof
  • Personalized Customer Service

Email Database is the collection of Email List, Addresses, phone numbers, locations, etc. These are used for promoting Products by sending discounts, offers, and sales information to the targeted Email. They are regularly used by various companies and are one of the favorite tools to directly promote the services in the receiver inbox. If you are planning to promote your business you can use an email database as a starting tool to boost the brand name using services at Tejarat marketing. It is the best Email Database marketing company along with Email listing and various other services. Lists are being created by multiple sources like Tele survey, website business directory, registered service partners, google display contacts, job survey, online portals, affiliate networks and lead generation company.

To get quality assurance of leads our team checks the email lists every now and then so as to remove the blocked email information if any is stored in the lists. After removing blocked emails, the email verifier is set ready to run to verify whether all remaining emails are active or not and by doing this process we ensure that it has only the quality data present in it. We provide with the following:

• Fresh & clean email list

• 100% Active email List

• Verified email Leads

• Business email leads

• Bulk email Leads

Tejarat Marketing has branches in more than 80 countries which is continuing to grow. We have a vast chain of networks that can help you to select the best choice for your company. Our packages are affordable and low in price which makes it easy for new companies to take advantage of our services. We have a team of experts who use a variety of strategies and methods which are 100% proven to give results. Selecting the target audience is the main stage in selling or to buy email lists process and Tejarat is being successful in this criteria. The created Email lists are saled to several other countries and this sales process involves the below steps:

  • Take requirement
  • Availability check
  • Proposal
  • Billing and Payment

i) Take requirement :

Know about client products or services, their exact audience and location

ii) Availability check:

Check availability with the internal team and delivery time and ignore if it is standard.

iii) Proposal:

Drop clear email proposal with complete details of category and location along with pricing delivery TAT.

iv) Billing and Payment:

Collect billing details, get the billing done and collect payment at specified mode in invoice.

Sometimes a customer has explained the target audience and identified the category of database which they want and that is not available with us, then we have to re-work on the exact target audience of the customer and let them identify to use more categories of database to get a better result of their campaigns. One database can be used in multiple businesses, so we can convey to customers according to our available database category as well although we have almost 90% of business categories across the globe. Categories of target audience:

  • General
  • Specific
  • Premium

i) General:

There is no filtration in this category and only country wise email lists will be shared. It shall have only 2 columns - Email Id and country.

ii) Specific:

In this category 3 - 4 levels of filtration is available. Here all the information available will be shared. It is better to check the purpose and the column headers which are required.

iii) Premium:

This category has separate rates and varies on a case to case basis. Some of the premium categories are on fixed rate.

Replacement warranty is also provided for the email lists. There is no refund if the data is delivered to the customer. Replacement is possible if a problem is reported within 7 days of service delivery. Replacement is done after checking the accuracy with the internal team and if the accuracy is less then there is a need to check and match the email ids for the replacement. The team shall run the campaign on the same reported data if they found that it is good on verification then the team shall share the report with the client and no replacement takes place. If the data is found to be bad or if the lists contain any errors then the team shall replace it within 24 hours of time. The email client is known by many names like email reader or MUA which stands for message user agent or mail user agent, it is a program that is used to manage and access information on user email. In short, it is like a manager to several emails and it can be used to know more about email or delete them or send them, etc. The email sender is one of the best services which you must use to better use the management of your email. Satisfying the client requirements is one of the most important thing which we need to think while providing the email lists and we must satisfy all the client requirements. Tejarat is being successful in satisfying its clients by providing all the required information.

Below are the points to answer - What Makes Us Different from Other competitors?

  • Verified Database:

We have records of verified emails lists and mobile numbers to help you reach out correctly.

  • Fair Cost:

We offer flexibility in our packages which allows you to pick the best package depending on your needs, budget and Guaranteed business sales through modern ethical ways of optimization.

  • Transparency:

We provide the right level of transparency and expect the same in return from our customers as keeping a clear view is the foundation of a successful business.

  • Accurate Database:

Maintaining quality with changing pace is very important for success. Our team believes in providing the best verified and accurate data which has been checked constantly by our team. 100% accuracy and quality of data is guaranteed.

  • Quarterly Updated List:

We provide you with frequently updated lists that are updated by our latest software.

  • Replacement Warranty:

We also provide a replacement policy in case if the wrong data is provided and also if the list’s authenticity is below the accuracy commitment.

  • High Targeted Mailing Lists:

Our survey reveals that sales executives bump into a whopping 85% irrelevant prospects during one sales cycle and the maximum amount as 40% of their time is spent looking for the proper ones. We offer premium quality email lists at affordable costs.

  • Safe & Rusted:

Security is provided to the data and other third party vendors cannot access your data.

There are more than 2000 service providers for email marketing in India. It is hard to choose a particular provider and the client needs to choose a good provider as the fate of the whole website depends on the selection of the company. Using a proper service provider can be quite a tricky task as there are thousands to choose from. Tejarat Marketing stands on top of the service provider which provides an Email list. So if you want to buy an email list or you need a business email list simply visit Tejarat.in for more offers.


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