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For those who don't know what an SMTP server is, let me explain it in easy words. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is used as an electronic mail transmission. Do you know what happens when you send an email whether it is from your mobile, laptop, or from a service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, etc? SMTP servers are generally used by the company that has to store and send Emails with their private server, this allows the company to have another layer of security. Let me tell you what happens is that that email is sent to the SMTP server and then sent to the receiver.

 The working model of the SMTP server is simple. It is a Text-based protocol in which the sender’s server connects to the receiver server by using SMTP protocol i.e. command of strings which sends the data which was written from the sender to one place to another and stores the email of the sender to the receiver who chooses to remove it. We can understand that some of you will not understand these complicated terms and commands, that is why we at Tejarat Marketing have helped many clients like you to expand your business using an SMTP server.

We have experts who solely specialize in the making, strategizing, and branding of SMTP Server according to the needs of the clients. We make sure that you get the best possible benefit by using our services at a minimal cost. Our teams are here 24*7 to help you so that there is no delay in reaching the services that you deserve best. Also, we have a 95% rate of success, and we have many satisfied clients. Still confused, just see the reviews of previous clients. We have multiple Package which is optimized in multiple sections by our teams after analyzing the requirements of clients who are searching for the SMTP server.Some of the packages are given below:

  • Single IP
  • 8 IPs

  • 32 IPs

  • 64 IPs

  • 128 IPs

  • 256 IPs

 The above packages contain several perks which cannot be found in our competitors, we give 1 to 24 domain for your choosing along with maximum RAM so that your work does not slow down even for a second, you can store about 1Mn Emails per day which can be extended to 2Mn and more. Once you have understood the basic concept of SMTP servers and how their providers help in generating profit, then you can choose the perfect SMTP server provider for sending Bulk Emails.

 Although there are many SMTP server providers none of them come as close as our platform, their services in SMTP server are excellent. Our website also offers users to send Bulk Emails and store them on an SMTP server at an affordable cost. They not only have branches in India but they have branches spread across Asia and western countries. With 8 years of experience and the best team which provides almost instant solutions and will adjust the strategy depending on various factors. This allows Tejarat Marketing an edge over other competitors.

Tejarat Marketing follows two SMTP server approach which means if the user wants to send Email whether in Bulk or single format then the Email sends by the user gets stores in one of the SMTP servers which first stores the message and check for variable factor, Then this SMTP server sends Email to another SMTP server which is connected close to the region of the receiver from there the Email gets transferred by the receiver SMTP server and then the Email reaches safely to the receiver.

 The problem with the Free SMTP server is that it has a limit and restriction on sending and receiving Email and also the security in these SMTP servers is minimal so the data of your subscriber is at risk. Tejarat Marketing is currently one of the best SMTP servers company out there in the market. With a specialist team that specializes in SMTP server structures and analyses the competition, you can rest assured that this company will make your life easier. Our customer service is out there 24*7 together with the most effective team of writers who can optimize your website content. Your website will get more presentable, will have a high ranking, and therefore the smartest thing is Google algorithm will recognize it in and of itself.

 There are several factors that govern the quality of the smtp server some of them are listed below and discussed further so that you may get a grasp of how its quality is decided:

  • Professional server
  • High deliverability

  • Relationship with ISPs

  • Flexible plans

  • Compactible

  • 24*7 customer service

 The smtp server provider plays a vital role in sending emails. If your service provider does not follow the above points then it is probably a good time to switch your SMTP server provider. Fortunately, there are some providers who give the above perks like Tejarat Marketing. It is one of the best choices and it falls in every category discussed earlier. Along with its affordability and accessibility, it also is favored by the vast network of connections it has built.

 The usage of SMTP servers has grown and favored by many companies, and more companies are shifting to online marketing to create an endless image for their brand. It is safe to say that regardless of any means the future of SMTP servers is secure and safe.Tejarat marketing is one of the best smtp server provider companies in India. It is regarded as the top smtp server provider in more than 70 countries. In statistics of 2020 where local businesses saw the worst sales due to pandemics and lockdown, online services saw a huge rise in their sales, and some businesses even expanded during these times. SMTP servers have these businesses expanding and branding their products. This server not only helped in communication with clients and consumers it also helped in improving them by receiving feedback from their loyal customer base.

 Providers in any service regardless of the department plays a very important role in the development of a company. They are the deciding factor that governs the quality and presentation of the company. It may not sound important at first but you have to understand that in this day and age one who has the best first impression automatically gets all the views. It is the same in the case of smtp servers, the providers are the ones who decide the look and presentation of the website and its servers.

In India, there are about 100 plus service providers, out of which most of them don't have knowledge or they don't have enough experience to back up their services. This creates a hurdle for the consumer and confuses them to choose the wrong provider. It can prove fatal to the website as an inexperienced or money-hungry company will leach out every cent from clients leaving them with no option other than to shut down the company.

Fortunately for you, there are some companies like Tejarat Marketing who are considered as one of the best smtp server providers in India. Our site has proved from the time that from enough dedication and customer-first treatment you can stay on the top even with low-cost packages. This is no doubt the best of the best companies and has a team of leading experts who themselves have understood the depth of smtp servers. For more information feel free to contact us at our website www.tejarat.in.

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