SMTP Server In US

SMTP Server In US

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which can be contracted to SMTP, is basically an application that allows you to send and receive mail between email senders and receivers. Along with this, it also allows you to retransmit outgoing emails. SMTP server possesses an address or addresses which can be set by mail client or the application which is used by you. If an email is being sent by you, till the time it reaches the computer of recipients, it actually passes through many different servers. Putting it in the nutshell, it can be concluded that SMTP  is:

• Easy to connect

• The delivery speed is excellent.

• More efficient when used on a large scale.

• Enhanced security

Single IP


  • VPS Server
  • Domain - 1
  • RAM - 1GB
  • 4K Emails per day 
  • Highest Sending  - 50K
Validity: 30 Days

8 IPs


  • Dedicated Server
  • Domain - 2
  • RAM - 4GB
  • 30K Emails per day
  • Highest Sending - 100K
Validity: 30 Days

32 IPs


  • Dedicated Server
  • Domain - 3
  • RAM - 4GB
  • 75K Emails per day
  • Highest Sending - 300K
Validity: 30 Days

64 IPs


  • Dedicated Server
  • Domain - 6
  • RAM - 6GB
  • 200K Emails per day
  • Highest Sending - 600K
Validity: 30 Days

128 IPs



  • Dedicated Server
  • Domain - 12
  • RAM - 12GB
  • 400K Emails per day
  • Highest Sending - 1Mn
Validity: 30 Days

256 IPs


  • Dedicated Server
  • Domain - 24
  • RAM - 32GB
  • 1Mn Emails per day
  • Highest Sending - 2Mn
Validity: 30 Days

Explore Our Full set of Feature

Our Company always stands ground when it comes to saving precious time of our Clients, and that is the reason we use Cloud Based SMTP Solutions, as a result you are provided with the opportunity to send transactional and Marketing emails and there is no need to have bulk email sender. Our Clients are provided with  Real time Email tracking and along with that advanced analytics of the e-mails. If an email fails to get delivered, it can easily be dealt with by using tracking and analysing techniques. 

One of the problems through which people go is the continuous bouncing of emails and also there are complaints of spam, but here at Tejarat Marketing, we don't let our clients go through this and have set up increased deliverability features which can be used to cope up with mentioned problems.

Our clients are the most important people for us, and in no way can we make them feel unsatisfied with the work that we undertake.

Things have changed in the modern times and we also comply with the terms and conditions of these times.

At Tejarat Marketing, we aim to give you the best possible experience, and as far as the matter of security is concerned, we will never develop cold feet.

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